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Scott & Linda Murphy



Owning a farm to table restaurant became a family dream after our son
Patrick graduated from Johnson and Wales University with a degree in
Culinary Arts; and our other son Ryan graduated from Clemson
University with a degree in Horticulture. It seemed like a natural
progression to bring together both of our boys’ expertise into an
ultimate expression of a farm to table experience. Our daughter is an
interior designer, and she takes care of the nuances of the restaurant’s
Scott is a general dentist in Morganton, NC. He has owned, managed
and operated a large and successful dental practice for many years.
Linda is a part time dental hygienist. Scott and Linda are quite a team,
supporting each other with their individual strengths of operating a
Seeing our dream of a family owned restaurant come to fruition has
been an amazing journey. We feel the staff is an extension of family,
and all of us hope our patrons feel the love infused into our food and
atmosphere of the beloved Heirloom Restaurant.
Welcome to our home!

Patrick Murphy                           

Executive Chef/Proprietor 


My name is Patrick Murphy and food is my life and my passion. I was given an incredible opportunity to learn under world-renowned chefs at the Culinary Institute at Johnson and Wales University.

I have since worked at country clubs and prestigious restaurants as both sous chefs and executive chefs. I have also worked at The Masters golf tournament in Augusta, Georgia.

Through my journey, I have grown as an individual and as a chef. My passion and desire to be creative with my food and its presentation pushes me to pursue my artistic side. My desire is to create and present beautiful dishes that are outside the scope of typical restaurant fare. The satisfaction I feel from witnessing people enjoy my food creations drives my passion. I am excited to share my love for food and its presentation with you!



Myles Scaglione                         

Chef De Cuisine


Myles Scaglione grew up in Pennsylvania and began his culinary career in the corporate kitchens of America before eventually interning at Heirloom while finishing his Associates Degree in Culinary Arts at Johnson and Wales University in Charlotte, NC.  

Upon graduation, Myles accepted a full time Chef de Partie position at Heirloom and has risen to the rank of Chef de Cuisine.  Responsible for Heirloom’s special Sunday events, Myles unique culinary perspective brings yet another influence to the global influences of Heirloom’s menu.


Suzette Ramsey

Restaurant Manager



A graduate of Johnson and Wales University in Charlotte, Suzette is passionate about each dimension of the hospitality industry, from front of the house to the kitchen. With a degree in both Culinary Arts & Food Service Management, and minors in Psychology & Beverage Service Management, Suzette is proficient in enhancing the guest experience. She is dedicated to selecting the best product NC has to offer. After studying wine varietals and developing a sophisticated palate while studying abroad in Germany and France, Suzette's depth of wine knowledge prepares her to help you select the perfect wine pairing for your meal that will accommodate your tastes and preferences. In her free time, Suzette enjoys learning more about the beverage scene in Charlotte and around North Carolina and hanging with friends at local breweries. 



8470 Bellhaven Blvd.

Charlotte, NC 28216

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